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Department of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry, with a course of postgraduate education was established September 1, 2008, graduating as basic medical and psychological department faculty.
The department is located in the Vinnytsia Regional Psychiatric Hospital. Acad. O.I.Yuschenko.
Clinical department is part of depertments №1, 2,6,8,18, 21, center of psychosomatic medicine.
The Department trained all students of medical and psychological faculty, studying 28 disciplines psychological guidance, as well as students from the medical faculty of psychology and pedagogy (1 year), Faculty of Dentistry (2cource), Faculty of Pharmacy (3cource Pharmacy, 2 year clinical pharmacy, correspondence); medical students studying psychology Medical School (4 year), Faculty of Dentistry (3cource). Psychiatry students taught 4-year dental faculty and students of 4th year medical-psychological faculty. In addition, the department trained medical interns of Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy (cycle basis Psychology), medical interns all specialties (medical psychology series), and medical interns majoring "doctor-psychologist."


Pshuk Nataliya Grygirivna

Head of Department, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry

Stukan Liudmyla Vyacheslavivna

Associate of Professor, M.D., Ph.D.


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