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The department of endocrinology is created in 1977 year on the base of course of endocrinology of department of hospital therapy, founded in 1968 year. First years were a becoming period: developments and perfections of method of teaching, preparation of methodical document. Original in history of department is that it was the first in former Soviet Union among the medical institutes of higher and on Ukraine. In September, 1981 on the base of department open assistant professor course of faculty of postgraduate education of doctors. In January 1986 in connection with the increase of listeners on the faculty of postgraduate education a department was renamed on the department of endocrinology with faculty of postgraduate education of doctors. Thus on the faculty of postgraduate education of doctors have preparate not only endocrinologist, but also internists, paediatrician from all Ukraine.

By the first managing course, then to the managers the department of endocrinology was d.m.s., professor Boris Oleksiyovich ZELINSKIY (1932-2001r.r.), which the created department was on initiative. He is an author of 10 monographs, 400 scientific works. Under his guidance it is executed and protected a 18 candidate and a 1 doctoral dissertation. Prepared 6 specialists for foreighn countries. Professor B.O.Zelinskiy for the best advanced study in 1989 year is a recipient of an award a diploma and medal of MVO of Ukraine, for the textbook of endocrinology - by the diploma of VDNG of the USSR, Diploma of Ministry of health Ukraine.

Amount of teachers in department during its organization are 5 persons, now present 9 persons, including – 2 professors - Vlasenko M.V., Vernigorodskiy V.S., 3 assistant of professors -   Palamarchuk A.V., Sokur S.O., FischuK O.O., 2 assistants of k.m.s. Chernobrova O.I., Astapenko-Nizhinska Z.P., and also 2 persons of laboratory assistant composition. On a department annually study about 1300 students of 4, 6 courses of medical faculties N1 and N2, 150 interniv-internists, paediatricians, domestic doctors and obstetrics-gynaecologists, and also about 150 doctors-endocrinologies, internists, paediatricians from all Ukraine, which promote qualification from endocrinology. At a department clinical interns study constantly, there is aspirantura, preparation of specialists is conducted for other countries through clinical ordinatura.

By the clinical base of endocrine course, and then endocrine departments, from 1968 year became a regional clinical endocrinology dispensary on 50 beds. In 1980 year by the second base of department became opened at a endocrine department of regional endocrine hospital on 60 beds. In 1983 years in regional endocrine hospital was opened a therapeutic departmant, child's department, policlinics, with daily permanent establishment, surgical departmant on 20 beds, thus, a hospital grew to 120 beds and became a most biggest in a country endocrinology clinic among universities and regional specialized branches.

            From 2001 the guidance of endocrine department with course of postgraduate education carries out professor, d.m.s. Vlasenko Maryna Volodymyrovna (1961 r.n.), which is geared-up on the same department through clinical ordinatura and aspirantura. In 1989 protected candidate's dissertation on a theme: «A Lipid Status in Patients with Chronic Insufficiency of Adrenal Glands». In 2008 year protected doctoral dissertation on a theme: «Diffuse Nontoxic Goitre: Genesis, Clinic, Treatment», from 2011 year is a professor. He is the author of sections from endocrinology in 2 textbooks, 3 monographs, about 300 scientific works. Under its guidance geared-up 3 specialists for foreign countries, a 1 candidate's dissertation is executed and protected and executed 2 candidate dissertation. Vlasenko M.V. is the participant of international simpoziums on diabetes mellitus and pathology of thyroid gland (Moscow), European congresses of diabetology (Germany, Greece, Denmark and other), many plenums of endocrinologies. Under its guidance a clinic is incorporated in Farmkomiteti of MOZ of Ukraine as a center on implementation of world multicentral researches, openly “Center of treatment of obesity” and “Cabinet of diabetic foot”.


            A department has a necessary area for the leadthrough of the educational, advanced and medical work. Every teacher has an educational room, an education-methodical cabinet is created, there is a lecture hall. In a clinic work biochemical, X-ray-immunological laboratory, cabinet of functional diagnostics. For implementation of educational and scientific work a clinic is equipped a modern apparatus, hardwares of studies. In an education-methodological cabinet there is all document of department, tape recorder, record library of lectures, television set, all needed education-methodological literature, in a that number, given out a department for students and doctors of faculty of postgraduate education, large set of the coloured sliding seats from all sections of endocrinology, codogramms. Constantly the exhibition of medicinal preparations functions for treatment of endocrine patients. A monothematic room is equipped on diabetes mellitus.


            A curriculum and on-line tutorial from endocrinology for the doctors of faculty of postgraduate education, tests geared-up a department for computer control of knowledges, that ratified MHP of Ukraine. Geared-up professor Zelinskiy B.O.: textbook from endocrinology (1989), 4 monographs – «Functional Status of Cardiovascular System in Patient with Arterial Hypertension», «Addison”s Disease», «Functional Status of Cardiovascular System in Patient with Diabetes Mellitus», «From a Symptom to the Syndrome», original manual for patients as questions and answers («Alphabet of the Patient with Diabetes Mellitus»). Methodical recommendations are given out on the clinical inspection of endocrine patients to writing of hospital chart, method of clinical analysis of patients taking into account the requirements of medical etics and deontologi. On a department first in an university original methodical recommendations are developed and given out on independent preparation of students 4, 6 courses, clinical situational tasks with the standards of answers for the doctors-students of faculty of postgraduate education and students which were positively appraised CMC from endocrinology of MHP of the USSR and used for control of knowledges of students in a number of institutes of different countries. Through MHP of Ukraine, an educational-methodological cabinets is given out 56 methodical recommendations for doctor-interns, students on different questions of diagnostics, treatment of endocrine diseases, teaching method. Taking into account a value in organization of educational-methodological work of department, on its base there was the conducted I all-union conference on questions teaching of endocrinology, a seminar took place on an exchange experience.


            On the base of department III Republican convention of endocrinologies, meeting of Presidium of all-union scientific society of endocrinologiest are conducted. The employees of department take part in all-union, republican conventions and congresses.

            A scientific student group the members of which not once occupied prize places on an university and republican student scientific conferences works at a department.

            The employees of department conduct large treatment-consultative work on the improvement of the specialized endocrine help the population of area, on training of preparation of doctors and postgraduate education of doctors of different specialities from endocrinology. Assistants professors are constantly carry out the consultative receptions of patients from policlinic. Annually a department is conduct a regional scientific-practical conference with the publication of materials; 2-3 dekadniki-seminars are for the doctors of different specility on the most essential sections of endocrinology, 14-16 district scientific-practical conferences. The teachers of department drove out in the districts of Zhytomyr, Kiev, Chernigiv areas for a consultative help a population which lives in the districts of hard radiological control as a result of failure on Chernobil'skiy AES. Work is conducted for the health centre systems of population: schoolboys and schoolgirls which live in radioactive-muddy and iodine-deficiency districts of the Vinnitsa area. The modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the endocrine system are inculcated in work of dispensary, medical establishments of Vinnitsa area.


Due to significant achievements in organization of educational-methodological, treatment-prophylactic and scientific work, the endocrinology department is acknowledged the best in a country, occupied prize places in the university.

Educate work of the endocrine department 

The teachers of department conduct constantly conversations with students on questions deontologii in medicine. Demonstrate an own example students on practical employments intercommunication and trust between a doctor and patient, understanding the question of psychology, laying out the question of psychotherapy. On meetings of student group attitude is demonstrated toward a patient, personal interest of patient in the discussion of the problems and complete mutual understanding between doctors and patient. In lecture material and on practical trainings emphasized preparations of domestic producers, rating of domestic medicine rises, tasks belong and decide ways of implementation from the side of young doctors.

The employees of department take part next to students and patients in sports and athletics meeting, competitions and festivals, the same approach them to itself.


Vlasenko Maryna Volodymyrivna

Head of Chair of Endocrinology, Professor, Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc)

Graduate from Vinnitsa state medical university named after M.I.Pyrogov in 1984 year with medal, from 1984 till 1986 years – clinical ordinator, from 1987 till 1990 years – aspirant of endocrine department, from 1990 year – assistant of endocrine department, from 1997 year – Associate Professor of Department of Endocrinology, from 2001 year – chief of endocrine department. In 2011 a scientific rank professor is appropriated.

Palamarchuk Anatolii Vasylovych

Associate Professor, PhD in Endocrinology

Graduate from Vinnitsa state medical university named after M.I.Pyrogov in 1980 year with medal, from 1980 till 1982 years – clinical ordinator, from 1982 year – assistant of endocrine department, from 2002 year – Associate Professor of Department of Endocrinology, from 2001 year - manager of educational part of endocrine department.

Vernyhorodskyi Viktor Serhiiovych

Professor, Doctor of Medical Science (DMSc)

Graduate from Vinnitsa state medical university named after M.I.Pyrogov in 1973 year, from 1977 till 1979 years – clinical ordinator, from 1979 till 1982 year – aspirant of endocrine department, from 1983 year - assistant of endocrine department, from 1983 year – Associate Professor of Department of Endocrinology, from 1993 year - manager of course of postgraduate education of endocrine department. From 2012 year work like a professor.

Fishchuk Oksana Oleksiivna

Associate Professor, PhD in Endocrinology

Graduate from Vinnitsa state medical university named after M.I.Pyrogov in 1982 year, from from 1985 year - assistant of endocrine department, from 2002 year – Associate Professor of Department of Endocrinology. From 2001 year he is supernumerary regional child's endocrinology.

Nizhynska-Astapenko Zorina Petrivna


Graduate from Vinnitsa state medical university named after M.I.Pyrogov in 1999 year, from from 2009 year - assistant of endocrine department.

Kryvovyaz Yuliya Oleksandrivna


Graduate from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2011 year, from 2016 year – assistant of endocrine department.

Biliaieva Kateryna Serhiivna


Graduate from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2009 year, from 2017 year – assistant of endocrine department.

Sekret Tetiana Viktrivna

Graduate from National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya in 2018 year, from 2020 year – assistant of endocrine department.

Lyshtovska Nataliia Petrivna

Senior laboratory

Powered by the department since 2001

Marynhevych Yuliia Vitaliivna

Laboratory assistant

Powered by the department since 2014



Base of departments:

Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Highly Specialized Endocrinology Center, st. Michurina, 32

Tel./fax departments 0432 531735


Science activity

Scientific work of endocrine department

Basic scientific work of department assignment is a study of pathogeny, clinic, diagnostics, and development of methods of treatment of pathology of the cardiovascular system in patient with diabetes mellitus, pathology of thyroid gland, chronic insufficiency of adrenal glands and obesity. Thus the special attention is spared research of microcirculation, trans capillary exchange, oxygen, lipid and vitamin status, pathogenesis  of diabetic angiopathy and cardiopathy.

First developed method of the use of donatoriv of sulfhydryl groups in treatment of diabetic ketosis and ketoacidosis, correction of violation of lipid status, antioxidants, in treatment of diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism and Addison”s disease, radon-carbonicacids bath in treatment of diabetic angiopathy,  sul'fazin and unitiol – as anorectic drugs in obesity. Exposed pathogeny and created classification of hypothensiain Addison”s disease, new classification of hypothyroidism. Vernigorodskiy V.S. in 2006 is protected doctoral dissertation on a theme: “Clinics-morphological Description of Cardiovascular and Cerebral Haemodynamics for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus”, in 2008 year Vlasenko M.V. is protected doctoral dissertation on a theme: «Diffuse Nontoxic Goitre: Genesis, Clinics, Treatment». By a committee for it is given out inventions and openings of Council of Ministers of the USSR 2 author certificates on inventions. The employees of department are publish about 1000 scientific works.

Literature published by department


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