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The Main Stages of Work

The Department of Internal Medicine № 2


The department was founded in August, 1936. The first lecturers were Professor Fishenzon, Professor Geft, junior members of teaching Shinkaryova, Zaslavska. Before the Great World War the department staff worked at the problem of cardio-vascular system and gastrointestinal tract diagnostics and treatment.


In post-war years the department was headed by Professor Britvan, then by Professor Davidov and by senior lecturer Lidskyy. At that time the scientific themes were connected with the study of cardiovascular system pathology and blood system diseases ( junior members of teaching Rybachuk, Pilat and others).


From 1952 to 1956 the head of the department was Professor Piayd. He guided the study of oncology tasks.


In 1956 Professor Kolotova headed the staff of the department. At that time the scientific interest was connected with the study of blood system diseases.


In 1961 senior lecturer Golovtsev was appointed the head of the department. At that time the staff of the department studied the tasks of hemodynamics in case of hypotonia, some aspects of hepatology, metabolism of microelements in case of atherosclerosis.


From 1967 the head of the department was Professor Kuchuk. At that time the department consisted of several senior lecturer courses.


In 1992 the department  was headed by Professor Malenkyy.


The members of the department wrote their research works, which became interesting for international association.


The department of hospital therapy № 1 was renamed into the department of internal medicine №2 because of the introduction of Bologna Process standards The creative energy of the department staff is directed to further improvement of specialists’ training, which is planned to introduce by means of the improvement of study process methodical ware, its further computerization, improvement of teachers’ pedagogical skills and equipment of the department, scientific searches intensification.


In 2008 the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Kolisnyk. He guided research of the department, which is called “ The peculiarities

of medical rehabilitation measures in case of internal organs and systems diseases of patients with vertebral pathology”.

In 2013 the department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Shevchuk Sergey Viktorovich. At present time the department is working at the research project: "To examine the role of clinical, molecular genetic, metabolic, inflammatory and gemokoagulyatsii factors in the formation of cardiovascular lesions in rheumatoid arthritis and to develop recommendations for their prevention and treatment."


Shevchuk Sergiy Victorovich

Head of Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Masіk Nadiya Prokopіvna

Professor, PhD

Solyeyko Olena Vitalyivna

Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Otkalenko Yuriy Konstantinovich

Associate Professor, PhD

Marynych Liubov Ivanivna

reseach Assistent, PhD

Osipenko Iryna Pavlivna

reseach Assistent, PhD

Iliuk Iryna Anatolyivna

Associate Professor, PhD

Bondarchuk Svetlana Vitalyivna

research Assistant

Danchenko Olesya Petrivna

research Assistant

Korobko Elena Anatolyivna

Associate Professor, PhD

Lysenko Dmitriy Andryevich

Associate Professor, PhD

Atamanchuk Mykola Stepanovich

Associate Professor, PhD

Nechiporuk Sergey Vasilievich

research Assistant, PhD


Retake exam in internal medicine (Аugust 2017)

Science activity

In recent years the department has completed two dissertations for a doctor degree (senior lecturer P.F.Kolisnyk, senior lecturer O.V. Solyeyko ), 9 dissertations for a candidate degree (N.P. Masik, S.V. Nechyporuk, O.M. Shanchuk, B.I. Kornyeyev, D.A. Lysenko, O.A. Korobko, I.P. Gumeniuk, I.A. Ilyuk, R.A. Kravets). Two doctoral dissertations (senior lecturer D.A. Lysenko, senior lecturer N.P. Masik ) and 3 dissertations for a candidate degree: junior lecturer O.P.Danchenko, junior lecturer S.V. Bondarchuk, junior lecturer I.P. Osypenko are being completed. 

Under the guidance of Doctor of Medical Sciences P.F. Kolisnyk the department research work “The peculiarities of medical rehabilitation measures in case of internal organs and systems diseases of patients  with vertebral pathology” was performed.

As a part of this work three candidate dissertations were defended: V.V. Homovskyy, I.P. Gumeniuk, R.A. Kravets. Currently, the department is conducting research work:  

”The working out of programmes of multilevel medical rehabilitation in case of internal organs and systems diseases.

Literature published by department