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General information

The Department of Pediatrics I is based at the Vinnitsa Regional Clinical  Hospital (108 Hmelnytske Shose) on the first floor of consultative polyclinic. There are 18 lecturers (including 3 doctors habilitatus and 12 MD) at the Department state.

The special feature of the Department is holding lections for foreign students starting from the second course (General Care of Children), which continues at the third course (Propaedeutics of Pediatrics, Nursing). All of foreign and native students study Facultative Pediatrics (4 course) and Neonatology (5 course). The postgraduate studies have significantly expanded: there are Pediatrics and Neonatology trainings during the internship, specialization and pre-certification trainings for neonatologists and family doctors.

Department’s clinical and scientific fields are optimization of  newborn care approaches, children Pulmonology, Allergy and Nephrology.



  1. Yablon Olga Stepanivna – MD, Chief, professor.
  2. Kulyk Yaroslava Myhailivna – MD, Head Teacher, associated professor.
  3. Tokarchuk Nadiya Ivanivna – MD, professor.
  4. Procyuk Tetyana Leonidivna – MD, professor.
  5. Pahnyushcha Nina Myhailivna – MD, associated professor.
  6. Rubina Oxana Semenivna – MD, associated professor.
  7. Kapitan Tetiana Volodymyrivna – MD, associated professor.
  8. Chekotun Tetyana Viktorivna – MD, associated professor.
  9. Antonec’ Valentyna Andriivna – MD, associated professor.
  10. Kuslova Julia Oleksiivna – MD, associated professor.
  11. Mazulov Oleksandr Vasyljovych – MD, associated professor.
  12. Savrun Tetjana Igorivna – MD, associated professor.
  13. Gerasymova Olena Viktorivna – MD, associated professor.
  14. Mazur Olena Gennadivna – MD, assistant professor.
  15. Konoplitska Anastasiia Petrivna - MD, associated professor.
  16. Vlasenko Diana Iurivna - MD, assistant professor.
  17. Pugach Marina Mykolaivna -  MD, assistant professor.
  18. Reminna Inna Igorivna - MD, assistant professor.
  19. Chornopyshchuk Nataliia Petrivna - MD, assistant professor.
  20. Nazarenko Olexii Petrovych - assistant.


Department Courses                          

Pediatrics (4 course, foreign students)                                 

Neonatology (5 course, foreign students)                            

Peditrics (Medical Psychology 3 course, 4 course, 5 course, 6 course)

Internship in Pediatrics

Internship in Neonatology


The History the Department

The first Department of Children Diseases was established by prof. Bukhanskyj B.P. in 1934. He’s been a Chief for 10 years, then – prof. Razumovskyj A.A became a Chief. Assistant prof. Piotrovska-Veksler had been a Chief for 1951-52, until she was replaced by assistant prof. Krasnogorskyj M.M.

Then associated prof. Mechyns’ka E.M. became a Chief of the Department. Unfortunately, we have no information, who was the teachers of the Department, were it was based and how the classes were carried out.

It was 1964 when Department of Pediatrics was established in Vinnitsa Medical Institute. Oleksandr Gnatyuk became the first Chief and was leading the Department of Childhood Diseases for 27 years. Gnatyuk M.D. has quickly and effectively organized the workflow of the Department, which was based within the Childhood Department at Pirogov Regional Clinical Hospital. In 1980 the Vinnitsa Regional Children's Hospital was established, and the Department of Childhood Deseases had moved there. Nephrology has been the leading subject for scientific researches of the Department staff. These scientific researches and clinical work were carried out for reducing the morbidity and mortality from acute and chronic diseases of children of all ages. A lot of All-Union nephrology conferences took place at the Medical Institute. The Primary Glomerulonephritis Classification was approved. Pediatric courses were teached for all of the students. Postgraduate and intern trainings constantly took place at the Department. The name of the Department was changed to Pediatrics Department #2 in 1982.

During the Gnatuyk's leading 2 habilitation and 16 MD theses were held. The staff of the Department published a lot of monographs, guidelines and textbooks for students: "Practical Nephrology of Childhood", "Practical Cardiology of Childhood. Diffusion Diseases of Connective Tissue", "Herbal Medicine in Pediatrics," "Emergency States of Childhood", "Pediatric Oncology", "Practical Pediatric Endocrinology", "Health Food for Childhood Diseases", "Perinatal Nutrition in Young Children Diseases. Infusion Therapy."

In 1973 a separate Department of Propaedeutics and Faculty Pediatrics was created. To the position of Head. Chair of the competition was chosen professor Larissa Porfirievna Reshetkina was elected as a Head of Department. Lections were hold for the third (Propaedeutic Pediatrics) and fourth (Faculty Pediatrics) courses of the Pediatric Department from 1973 to 1982. The state of the Department was presented by 5 lecturers and 2 assistants. The Base of the Department were a Children's Department with 60 beds at the 4-th City Hospital and the Children's Department with 40 beds in Vinnitsa Central Hospital. Since 1982, the amount of teaching expanded due to the Hospital Pediatrics and subtraineeship, thereby it was renamed to the Department of Pediatrics number 1. The main clinical base of the Department was the Regional Children's Hospital with 400 beds. The state of the Department has grown to 9 lecturers. The training for postgraduates and interns were constantly hold at the Department. Since 1991, pediatrician subtraineeship trainings were introduced as a cycle. Scientific field of the Department was investigations in clinical, immunological, biochemical aspects of pathological conditions of young children associated with prematurity, intrauterine growth retardation, iron deficiency, perinatal diseases and methods for treatment and rehabilitation correction of violations. During this period, three MD thesis were hold (I.S. Gorovyj, O.S. Yablon, N.M. Pahnyuscha).

Departments #1 and #2 were associated into united Department of Childhood Diseases in 1992. T. K. Nabuhotnyj became a Chief of the Department. He continued Department's scientific traditions. Under his guidance 2 habilitation (V.P. Pavlyuk and T.V.Sorokman) and 3 MD (I.V.Storogyk, N.I.Sinchyk, O.V.Katilov ) theses were hold.


Since 1998, the Department is headed by Vladimir G. Grishko. The course of medical genetics is organized, due to what the Department has received the name - Department of Childhood Diseases with a Course of Medical Genetics. The Department continues to study the problems of Pediatric Nephrology, Neonatology, Hematology, Pulmonology, Medical Genetics. A 5-year science-and-practice work is performed by Department staff on "Pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis features of clinic and course in modern environmental conditions". A curriculum for full-time and part-time internship was developed. Methodological and practical guidelines to educate healthy children, disease prevention in young children, the organization of outpatient care in the city and the countryside, clinical examination and rehabilitation of sick childrenwere published for physicians, students, interns and nurses published.

Prof. Elena Kasyanivna Kablukova became a Chief of the Department in 2001. Keeping traditions of Department laid by it's founders, prof. A. Hnatiyk and L. Reshotkina, she continued to conduct diverse researches. Scientific studies have been devoted to the study of the etiology, pathogenesis and treatment of acute respiratory infections of childhood, namely a complication of viral respiratory infections in the central nervous system, respiratory system, and kidneys. Later the basis of scientific activity of the Department turned to the Pediatric Nephrology - studies in the incidence, early detection of kidney disease, the study of somatotypes and erythrocyte antigens in adolescents with chronic pyelonephritis, problems of nephrology care for children with nephropathies were carried out. Textbooks for students and interns, "Emergencies in Acute Viral and Bacterial Diseases of Childhood" (O.K.Kablukova), "Lectures on Clinical Neonatology" (O.S.Yablon, O.S.Rubina) were published. State Department consisted of 25 faculty members. During this period, the department held 4 habilitation (V.M.Dudnik, N.I.Tokarchuk, O.S.Yablon, T.L.Protsyuk) and 11 MD theses. In 2008, due to the creation of another Pediatrics Department, the Department was reorganized and given the name of the Department of Pediatrics number 1.



Yablon MD became a Chief in 2010. Assistants Bykovska O.A., Kyslova J.O., Kovtuh T.O. held there MD theses within two years. The textbook “Propadeutics of children’s diseases and nursing of the child” (Kapitan T.), guideline “Neonatology” (Yablon O.S., Rubina O.S.), “Childhood Diseases” (ed. Yablon O.S.) were published.




Yablon Olga Stepanovna

professor, PhD

Yablon Olga, MD, Professor, Head of the Department of Pediatrics № 1 graduated in 1980 Department of Pediatrics Vinnitsa Medical Institute with honors. She worked as a pediatrician, and since 1982 - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics № 1 in Vinnitsa Medical Institute. In 1991 she defended her thesis "Features of nursing of very preterm infants with transient immune deficiency and anemia," carried out under the supervision of Professor L.P. Reshetkina. In 2008 she defended her doctoral thesis "Optimization of treatment and preventive care of newborn babies with very low birth weight," which had been introduced as a result of long-term observation of a cohort of Ukrainian children weighing less than 1500 g, found long-term effects of perinatal pathology, the contribution of apoptosis, necrosis, formation and regeneration in diseases of the brain in very preterm infants, found a close relationship between the activity of inflammation, oxidative stress, the degree of cytopathic hypoxia, shape and severity of pathology. Developed and implemented the principles of nursing of very preterm infants on the basis of the concept of developmental care. In 1996 Olga Yablon got degree of associate professor, in 2011 - Professor. Has the highest qualification category in pediatrics and neonatology. She is a consultant in Vinnytsa Regional Children's Hospital and City Hospital "Center of Mother and Child." Chairman of Vinnitsa branch of the Association of Pediatricians of Ukraine. Member of the editorial board of "Neonatology, Perinatal Medicine and Surgery." Olga Yablon is the author of 206 scientific papers, including 38 textbooks, chapters and books of national leadership in pediatrics and neonatology, 10 declarative patents. Has experience in international multi-center studies in pediatrics and neonatology, certificates GCP. She studied at the International Institute of the University of Alabama, USA (2006). An active participant in scientific events in pediatrics and neonatology in Ukraine and abroad, particularly in India (2007), Czech Republic (2009), Germany (2010), Denmark (2011), Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona (2019). Awarded Diploma of Ministry of Ukraine (2008), Diploma of the Association of Pediatricians of Ukraine (2019), medal "For impeccable medical service" (2022).

Tokarchuk Nadia Ivanivna

professor, PhD

Tokarchuk Nadia Ivanivna, medical doctor.
Tokarchuk Nadia Ivanivna graduated pediatric faculty of Vinnitsa state medical university. Studied for magister degree and passed postgraduate study. In 1998 proved candidate dissertation “Immune changes in thyroid gland of children, that live in the region of small radiation dose influence”. Since 1999 worked as assistant on the pediatric department. In 2007 proved doctor`s degree dissertation “Morphofunctional condition of thymus, pituitary-thyroid system and optimization of treatment of infants with acute pneumonia”. Since 2009 – professor`s assistant of the pediatric №1 department of Vinnitsa national medical university N.I. Pirogov memorial. Scientific work of N.I. Tokarchuk is devoted to studying of the infant`s problems. N.I. Tokarchuk is an author of 144 scientific works. Under the leading role of N.I. Tokarchuk were proved 2 candidate dissertations. N.I. Tokarchuk provide treatment-consulting help in the department for infants of Vinnitsa regional children`s hospital.

Protsuk Tetiana Leonidivna

professor, PhD

Protsyuk Tatiana after graduation in 1995, Clinical Residency, worked as assistant in the department of pediatrics. In 1999 she defended her PhD thesis on «Efficiency Sillard P in treatment of allergic diseases in young children." In 2008 defended her MD thesis on «Forecasting and peculiarities of asthma in urban and rural schoolchildren Podolsk region." The title of Doctor of Medicine received in 2009. From 2012 Associate Professor of Pediatric Department №1. Pediatrician of higher category. Author and co-author of 95 published works, 10 patent for utility model, 12 rationalization suggestions and 4 newsletters.

Pahniuscha Nina Mikhailivna

associate professor, PhD

Nina Pakhnyushcha , associate professor. M.I. Pirogov Vinnitsa National Medical

University employee from 1981. Ph.d thesis in "Phatogenetic grounding of

treatment and rehabilitation complex of the children's affected development with

intrauterine hypotrophy". Have 30 papers, prepared guidelines for physicians, co-

author of 5 textbooks for students and interns. Thoraco-pulmonary department


Rubina Oksana Semenivna

associate professor, PhD

Rubina O.S. has been working at
the pediatrics department since 1993. In
1997 medical science applicant degree was
assigned by the Specialized Science Council
Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology
Institute of the Ukrainian Science Academy.
In 2005 childhood disease department’s
Docent Degree was assigned.

She has been carring out department
docent’s charges, consulting children in
the anesthesiology and intensive care unit
in the Vinnytsya Regional Hospital of the
Maternity Home № 2.

Rubina O.S. takes part in the work
of appraisal and expert committee at The
Health Care Department Vinnytsya Region
State Administration. She has also been
working as a coach at the working group of
the Swiss- Ukrainian Programme “ Mother
and child’s health”. Since April 2012 she
has been a Head of Vinnytsya Neonatologist
Association of Ukraine. She has published
83 science articles (1994-2012).

Antonets Valentina Andriivna

associate professor, PhD

Works at the department since 2002 years. In 2007 she defended her thesis on „Cliniko-instrumental criteria of diagnostics of gastroesophageal reflux of children”.
She has a higher medical category in "Pediatrics". Clinical and consulting work is performing at the Departments of Pediatric N2, Pulmonology in the Regional Children’s Hospital.
The author and co-author of 52 scientific works.

Chekotun Tetiana Viktorivna

associate professor, PhD

Chekotun Tatiana in 1997 graduated from the Department of Pediatrics of the Vinnitsa Medical Pirogov Memorial University. From 1997 to 2005 she worked as a neonatologist in the city hospital "Center of Mother and Child." In 2005, she entered a postgraduate degree in "Pediatrics". In 2007 she defended her thesis at a meeting of the Academic Council D 26.003.04 at the State Institution "Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine" on "Features of neuroendocrine regulation and correction of its disorders in premature infants with hypoglycemia." Since 2007 accepted to the post of assistant chair of Pediatrics with a course of medical genetics Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. From January 2008 assistant chair of Pediatrics №1. According to the functional duties of an assistant carries out a treatment work on base of Vinnitsa Regional Children's Hospital. Since 2009 curator-pediatritian in Gaysinsky district of Vinnytsia region. Published 20 scientific publications.

Savrun Tetiana Igorovna

associate professor, PhD

Savrun Tatiana was graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University Pirogova in 1997, specialty "Pediatrics". Since 2007 he has been the assistant of the Department of pediatrics №1. According to the functional duties of an assistant holds scientific and methodology activity on a 5 course (neonatology), takes part
in the management of students research. Author and co-author of 12 scientific publications. Engaged in medical and advisory work on the basis of intensive care patients with newborns and premature babies at “Maternal and child center”,
department of premature infants at Vinnytsya Regional Children Clinical Hospital. Member of the Association of pediatricians and neonatologists Association of Ukraine. She took part in the program of French-Ukrainian exchange of experts in the field of health and pharmacy and has undergone training in the Robert Debré Hospital of health professionals and pharmacy in 2011 (Paris, France)

Kyslova Iiulia Oleksiivna

associate professor, PhD

Iuliia Kyslova since 2010 accepted the post of assistant chair of Pediatrics № 1 Vinnitsa National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. In 2010 she defended her thesis on "Early diagnosis of hypoxic-ischemic injury to the central nervous system in preterm infants and prevention of adverse effects", performed under the supervision of Professor Yablon O.S. According to the functional duties of an assistant holds a treatment work in the pediatric
department №1 Vinnitsa Regional Children's Hospital, teaching job for 4 year - pediatrics. She
has the І medical category in "Pediatrics" and specialized in neonatology. Has 21 scientific
publications, including - 7 articles in professional journals. Since 2012 she is a member of the
European Association of Nephrology, dialysis and transplantation - ERA-EDTA.

Mazulov Oleksandr Vasiliovich

associated professor, Ph.D.

Was graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University named by Pirogov in 2002 on a specialty "Pediatrics." From 2002 to 2006 worked as a pediatrician in Zhmerinka Regional Hospital. In 2006-2008 he studied in residenship at the Department of Pediatrics VNMU. Since 2008 work as assistant in the Department of Pediatrics № 1. Since 2010, enrolled in graduate school in the specialty "Pediatrics." An active member of the EAACI and ERS in 2010. Author of 57 published works.

Gerasymova Olena Viktorivna

associated professor, PhD

Olena Herasymova. In 2003 she graduated from Vinnitsa National Medical University and received a higher education in "Pediatrics". In 2004 received a master's degree of medicine in “Pediatrics”. From 2004 to 2006 held in residency training in "Pediatrics". Since 2006 he began teaching at the graduate and part-time worked at the Department of Children's
Diseases of the course of medical genetics. 2007 planned thesis «Pathogenetic therapy of bronchial asthma in school-age children considering cardiovascular safety profile». From 2012 she has been working as an assistant of the Department of Pediatrics №1. Engaged in medical work in the pediatric department №1. Author of 47 published works: 10 articles and 37 abstracts,
3 patent for utility model, 2 newsletters.

Konoplitska Anastasia Petrivna

associated professor, PhD

Konoplitska Anastasija Petrovna PhD, assistant professor from 2014. Defended his thesis 06.30.2015 on : “ The meaning of markers of cell membrane damage nephrothelial in the differential diagnosis of kidney disease with hematuria syndrome in children” Clinical work conducted at the Vinnytsa regional Children's Clinical Hospital in the department of pediatrics №2, pediatrician of the first qualification category, consults patients in the otolaryngology department. 28 publications and declarative patent.

Mazur Olena Henadiivna

associated professor, Phd

In 2008, graduated from Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University
with a specialization in Pediatrics. In 2010, she was hired as a senior laboratory
assistant at the Department of Pediatrics № 1. Starting in 2013, worked as an
assistant professor at the same department. In 2018 obtained the master’s thesis in
profession line Pediatrics on the topic "Clinical and pathogenetic features of
prolonged jaundice of newborns" under the supervision of Professor, Doctor of
Medical Sciences, Olga Yablon. In 2018, was elected to the position of associate
professor at the Department of Pediatrics № 1. As part of her duties as an associate
professor, she involved in educational and methodological work for the 5th year
students in the discipline "neonatology." Provides advisory and therapeutic-
preventive work in the department for premature and sick newborns as well as in
the traumatology department of the Vinnytsya Regional Children's Clinical
Hospital. Holds the first medical category in the specialty of neonatology and have
specialization in pediatrics. Completed scientific and pedagogical training at
ISMA, University of Applied Sciences on "Theory and practice of scientific and
pedagogical approaches in education" in 2022. She has been a member of the
Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine since 2012, the European Academy of

Pediatrics since 2019, ESPNIC, 99nicu, and the European Society of Pediatric
Research since 2022. Author and co-author of 38 publications, including 30
scientific and 8 educational-methodical publications. Among them, 6 publications
are indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science scientific databases. Clinical
experience 15 years.

Reminna Inna

Assistant, Phd

Chornopyshchuk Nataliia Petrivna

associate professor, PhD

In 2013 she graduated from the Medical Faculty of Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, majoring in Pediatrics. From 2013 to 2015 she passed an internship in the specialty "Pediatrics". In 2015, under the guidance of Professor, MD. Yablon O.S. on excellently defended a master's thesis on "Peculiarities of rickets in premature infants, taking into account the comorbid state." From August 2015 to December 2015 she worked as a pediatrician in the admission and diagnostic department of the Zhytomyr Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. From December 2015 to December 2018 she studied in graduate school at the Department of Pediatrics №1 Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. From 2016 to 2018, a teacher-trainee of the Department of Pediatrics №1 Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. Since December 2018 - Assistant Professor of Pediatrics №1 Vinnytsya National Pirogov Memorial Medical University. In 2019, under the guidance of Professor, MD. Yablon O.S, defended her dissertation on the topic: "Clinical and diagnostic features of necrotizing enterocolitis of premature infants." Number of publications - 27, including 1 declaratory patent of Ukraine for a utility model and 4 publications in periodicals, which are included in the scientometric databases Scopus and Web of Science. Since 2019 he has been a member of the European Academy of Pediatrics. Since 2020 he has been a member of the Podolsk Union of Pediatricians of Ukraine. Experience in pediatrics - 8 years.

Bedrii Nataliia

assistant professor, PhD

In 2015, she graduated from the medical faculty of Vinnytsia National
Medical University named after E. Pirogov, specialty "Pediatrics".
In 2015-2017, she completed an internship in the specialty "Pediatrics"
at the Department of Pediatrics No. 1 of the Vinnytsia National Medical
named after M. I. Pyrogova, on the basis of the Vinnytsia Regional
Children's Clinical Hospital,
received a certificate of a specialist doctor. Successfully in the fall of
completed specialization courses in the specialty "Neonatology".
After the internship and specialization according to the state
distribution worked as a doctor in the department for premature babies

newborns on the basis of VODKL. In 2015-2018, she worked in the position
senior laboratory technician of the Department of Pediatrics No. 1.
From September 2018 to August 2022 – full-time graduate student
forms of education of the Department of Pediatrics No. 1 of the VNMU named
after E. Pirogov
In addition, since October 2020, he is a part-time trainee teacher
department, and since October 2021 he works in Vinnytsia
National Medical University named after M. I. Pirogov in office
part-time assistant of the Department of Pediatrics No. 1, from September
2022. - in the position of assistant of the same department.
In 2022, under the leadership of Professor, Doctor of Medicine. N. Apple
tree O.S. she defended her dissertation on the topic: "Long-term
consequences of premature birth and sleep-related pathology of the neonatal
period in preschool children." In the same year Bedriy N.M. was awarded the
degree of Doctor of Philosophy.
Has 21 printed scientific works, 5 of which are included in the Scopus and
Web of Science scientometric databases; 1 certificate of copyright work
Since 2019, he has been a member of the European Academy of Pediatrics,
since 2020 - of the European Respiratory Society (ERS). Since 2018, he has
been a member of the Association of Neonatologists of Ukraine and the Podil
Union of Pediatricians of Ukraine.
Bedrii N.M. is constantly improving as a doctor by participating in
All-Ukrainian and international scientific and practical conferences,
thematic improvement courses and foreign internship (London 2018-2019).
Work experience in the field - 7 years.

Nazarenko Oleksiy Petrovich

assisstant professor

Alexey Nazarenko In 2012 he graduated from the pediatric faculty Vinnitsa National Medical University. M.I. Pirogov. From 2012 to 2014 held an internship at " Mogilev-Podolsky MC primary care ." In 2014-2016 he studied at the residency in the specialty "Pediatrics ." Since 2016 working as Assistant Professor of Pediatrics №1. Engaged in medical work in the pediatric ward IBV early age at the Vinnytsia Oblast Children's Hospital. Therapeutic experience 4 years.


Science activity

Since 2009 on the pediatric department is provided scientific work ‘Pathogenetic

role of the metabolic disorders in development of the pathology of newborns and

early age children’. Register number: 0109V005503.

Main streams of the scientific study

Neonatology. Scientific leader – MD, PhD Yablon O.S.

“Clinical-pathogenic peculiarities of the bronchial-pulmonary dysplasia formation

in preterm children” O.A. Bikovska

“Prognosis and prevention of the adverse consequences of the perinatal pathology

in preterm newborns” Y.O. Kislova

“Pathogenetic meaning of the ferrumkinetik disorder in formation of the hypoxia-

ishemic damage of the brain in preterm newborns” T.O. Kovtuh

“Clinical-pathogenic peculiarities of the hypoxic nephropathy in preterm children”

T.I. Savrun

“Pathogenic peculiarities of the bronchial-pulmonary pathology formation in

children, that influenced ALV in neonate period” O.V. Mazulov

“Clinical-pathogenic peculiarities of the prolonged jaundices in newborns” O.G.


Pulmonology of the children`s age. Scientific leader – MD, PhD Kablukova O.K.

“Pathogenic treatment of the bronchial asthma in children of the school age while

calculating profile of the cardiovascular safe” O.V. Gerasimova

Nephrology of the children`s age. Scientific leader – MD, PhD Kablukova O.K.

“Clinical-pathogenic meaning of the cellular membranes condition in differential

diagnostic of the kidney diseases with hematuria syndrome in children” A.P.


Pathology of the infants. Scientific leader – MD Tokarchuk N.I.

“Peculiarities of the pneumonia currency in children of the first year of life”

Zaluzyuk A.A.

“Clinical-pathogenic peculiarities of the overweight formation and obesity in


E.V. Tymchuk

“Clinical-pathogenic peculiarities of the outhospital pneumonia in infants” Y.V.


Main scientific achievements

During the period since 2009 were proved 5 candidate degree dissertations, other

8 works are under the study. Members of the department received 10 patents on

useful model, issued 3 information letters, published 64 articles and more than 100



1. Bikovska O.A., Yablon O.S. Diagnostic method of bronchial-pulmonary

dysplasia in preterm children. Patent on useful model №48711.

2. Procyuk T.L., Petrushenko V.V., Mazulov O.V. Method of earl diagnostic of

risk factors of bronchial asthma development in city children of older school age of

different sex while using the prognosis method. Patent on useful model №49289.

3. Procyuk T.L., Chirka O.V. Method of the earl estimation of risk factors of

bronchial asthma development in city children of the early school age of different

sex while using prognosis method. Patent on useful model №49290.

4. Tokarchuk N.I., Zalyzyuk A.A. Treatment method of outhospital pneumonia

in first year of life children on the background of herpes and cytomegalovirus

infection. Patent on useful model №51660.

5. Tokarchuk N.I., Tymchuk E. V. Diagnostic method of estimation leptin level

in infants with overweight and obesity. Patent on useful model (19)UA (11)61791

(13)U 25/07/2011, Bul.№14, 2011, №48711.

6. Tokarchuk N.I., Tymchuk E.V. Diagnostic method of the leptin levels in infants

with risk of overweight and obesity development. Patent on useful model (19)

UA(11)61792 (13)U25/07/2011, Bul.№14, 2011.

7. Procyuk T.L. Early diagnostic method of the bronchial asthma development risk

in village children of early school age of different sex while prognosis method.

Patent on useful №30752 Ukraine А61В 10/00. № u 2011 04289; 25.09.11;


8. Procyuk T.L. Early diagnostic method of the bronchial asthma development

risk in village teens of different sex while using mathematic modeling method.

Patent on useful model № 31865 Ukraine А61В 10/00. № u 2011 04290; 25.09.11;


9. Kablukova O.K., Gerasimova O.V., Procyuk T.L. Treatment method of the

acute period of the undercontrole bronchial asthma in children of the school age.

Patent on useful model № 68948 10.04.2012 Bul. №7.

10. Kablukova O.K., Gerasimova O.V., Marchuk O.I., Poteeva T.V. Treatment

method of cardiovascular changes due to pharmacological correction of bronchial

asthma in children of the school age. Patent on useful model № 68949 10.04.2012

Bul .№7.

To the register of the field innovations is included: Tokarchuk N.I., Zalizyuk

A.A. Treatment method of outhospital pneumonia in first year of life children on

the background of herpes and cytomegalovirus infection. 2011 №34-35. С. 216.

Register. № 389/35/11.

On the department also provided study of the students for magister degree of

pediatric and neonatology. Since 2009 were done and proved 6 works. In clinical

internship studied 8 pediatrics and neonatologists, as well citizens of other


Under the code of M of PH and M of S of Ukraine during the period of last 3

years were issued studying books: Study-methodical book for course of pediatric

propadeutic “Actual questions of pediatric” (2009), Training manual “Fact issues

of pediatrics” (2009), Propadeutics of children’s diseases and nursing of the child

(2012), Neonatology (2012).

Every year members of the department receive grants for the abroad studying

(Children`s clinical center of Rober Debre, France; Salzburg Chop Seminar

Medical University of Graz).

During 3 years members of the department took part in international conferences,

congress and meetings: Moscow, Russia, Switzerland (XXXI congress of

European academy of allergology and clinical immunology); Austria (XX congress

of European respiratory society); Turkey (IV congress of European Pediatric

Academy); Germany (Educational pediatric program).

Members of the department took part in international programs: Ukrainian-

Switzerland program “Health of the mother and child” (Switzerland); JSI Research

& Training Institute, Inc. USAID/Mother and Infant Health Project (США).

Members of the department organized and took part in scientific forums in region

and on the state level:

Ukrainian scientific-practical conference “Problems of the introduction of

demonstrative medicine in clinical pediatric” (2009).

Regional scientific-practical conference “Actual questions of the children`s

allergology and pulmonology” (2010, 2011, 2012)


development of 1 – 3 years of life children” (2010)

Regional scientific-practical conference “FGD in infants – view on the problem”


Regional scientific-practical conference “Peculiarities of the care after preterm

newborns” (2010)

Regional scientific-practical conference “Actual neonatology questions” (2011,





Department of Pediatrics №1 VNMU. E. Pirogov is located on the basis of KNP "Vinnytsia Regional Children's Clinical Hospital" VOR.
Address of the medical institution: Vinnytsia, street Khmelnytske highway, 108.
E-mail address of the department:

Department of Pediatrics №1 is located on the basis of СNE "Vinnytsia Regional Children's Clinical Hospital" VRS.
Address of the medical institution: Vinnytsya, street Khmelnytske highway, 108.
E-mail address of the department: