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Department of Foreign Languages

The Department of Foreign Languages was headed by:

1948-1971 - Associate Professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences I.O. Plotnikov


1971-1975 - Acting Head of the Department, Senior Teacher of English N. P. Matiashch

1975-1980 - Professor, Doctor of Philology N. I. Bezborodko

1980-1984 - Acting Head of the Department, Senior Teacher of English N. P. Matiashch

1984-1994 - Associate Professor, Candidate of Philology T. A. Ryabokon

1994 - 2016 - Associate Professor, Candidate of Philological Sciences L. M. Kim

Since 2016 - Assistant Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences L.V. Dudikova

For several years after the liberation of Vinnytsia region from German fascist troops, there was no department of foreign languages ​​at  Vinnytsia Medical Institute. The Latin language course at that time was taught by V.P. Tikhvinskyi and R. Ya. Akivison, and the German and English languages ​​were taught by secondary school teachers with hourly pay. In August 1948, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​began its work in the building of the morphological block, which was headed by Assoc. Pr.  I.O. Plotnikov, and its first teachers were R. Ya. Kerzhner, L. U. Trachtenberg, A. L. Buddha, R. Ya. Maksimova.

 Since 1950, the staff of the department has been actively engaged in research and methodological work. In particular, Associate Professor I.O. Plotnikov issued "Guidelines for mastering medical terminology in English for senior students" and "Guidelines for first-year students on the development of skills, oral speech skills."

In the period from 1950 to 1965 the number of students increased and the teaching staff was replenished with teachers: G.I. Boyko, M.G. Shevchik-Stoian, N.P. Matiash, E.M. Smirnova-Pelishenko, M.I. Lapukh, S. G. Mazur, N.P. Vasazhenko, V.P. Shevchenko, T.G. Yankevich, L.F. Gibash and senior laboratory assistant G.V. Kuzmina. In 1964 the candidate's dissertation was defended by the teacher O.M. Shpak.

 At that time, all employees of the department were engaged in research work aimed at improving the efficiency of the educational process. In addition to educational work with students, teachers trained graduate students for passing exams in foreign languages, took candidate exams and exams for part-time students of dental and veterinary faculties of other universities. The department also provided great assistance to the pharmacy management in translating drug instructions.

In 1968-1971 the staff was joined by new teachers: V.I. Barysheva, T.I. Buravchenkova, L.M. Smirnova-Kasprova, S.S. Grebenyuk-Barchuk, T.A. Ryabokon, L.I. Pushkar and laboratory assistant L.P. Samoilenko.

In 1971 the head of the department, associate professor I.O. Plotnikov retired and N.P. Matyash, a senior teacher of English, was appointed a.i. of the head of the department. During this period, the educational work at the department intensified: teachers were curators in academic groups and student dormitories, prepared evenings of recreation in foreign languages, which were very popular among students, conducted quizzes, olympiads.

In 1975 the department was headed by the candidate of philological sciences N.I. Bezborodko, and the duties of the head teacher were performed by the teacher T.G. Yankevich. The staff of the department was replenished by the candidate of pedagogical sciences E.I. Kompanets. During this period, the staff was actively involved in the study of lexical and syntactic features of medical literature. The results of the research work of 1976-1980 were reflected in the innovational proposal of T.G. Yankevich and N.I. Bezborodko "New structure of the German-Russian dictionary for medical universities" and in the work of T.A. Ryabokon "Algorithm of abstracting scientific medical articles". In 1977, Assoc. Pr. N.I. Bezborodko, defended her doctoral dissertation and was awarded the title of professor. She is the author of 75 publications.

In 1980, the senior English lecturer N.P. Matyash was appointed a.i. of head of the department, while the duties of the deputy head teacher were assigned to the senior lecturer A.A. Dyakov. This year, young teachers L.M. Yasevina, O.V. Voronyuk, S.I. Perch, L.A. Mazur, V.F. Gurando began their careers at the Department of Foreign Languages. In addition, a Latin language course was organized, consisting of teachers A.I. Boyko (head of the course), M.G. Stoyan, E.M. Pelishenko, V.F. Gurando, and laboratory assistant Yu. V. Shkarpet. Linguistic aspects of clinical terminology, lexico-syntactic features of Latin medical literature, and issues of linguistic regulation of formulations have become the object of scientific searches for teachers of the Latin language.

At that time, the department had a translation agency, which included the best students of II-IV courses. For many years, under the guidance of teachers hundreds of pages of articles from foreign medical journals have been translated into English, German and French each year.

Since 1983, the department has been operating in the training premise, V. Stus str. №2 / 19 (formerly R. Luxemburg Street). In addition to 14 classrooms, there were also two language classrooms, which worked overtime and gave students the opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​and prepare for practical classes. Teachers of the department took an active part in conferences held in Minsk, Vinnytsia, Yerevan and other cities.

In February 1984, the department was headed by Ph.D., Assoc. Pr. T.A. Ryabokon, who introduced a new direction in the scientific activity of the department. Under her leadership, an active research work on the topic "Structure and semantics of the text", aimed at intensifying work with scientific medical articles from foreign journals. The results of the research are embodied in bilingual textbooks on translation and textbooks on text compression in English, German and French. In total, the scientific achievements of the staff of the department at that time amounted 42 scientific papers, 11 manuals on language and teaching methods, 52 innovations, 20 of which belonged to Assoc. Pr. T.A. Ryabokon.

Under the leadership of T.A. Ryabokon, the department began to work on courses to prepare applicants for post-graduation entry exams in foreign languages, whose teachers were L.M. Yasevina, L.M. Kim, L.A. Mazur. In 1991, the department developed a program in foreign languages, according to which all medical universities of Ukraine worked in the future. In 1993, the textbook of Assoc. Pr. T. A. Ryabokon "American English for Medical students" was published.

From 1986 to 2017, the duties of the head teacher of the department were performed by a senior teacher L.M. Yasevina, whose long-term work allowed to ensure the high quality of educational and methodological work of the staff.

In 1994, the head of the department was elected Ph.D, Assoc. Pr.  L.M. Kim, who led a research paper on "Systematic study of vocabulary. Compilation of industry dictionaries ". According to the results of scientific research, the "English-Ukrainian Dictionary of Gastroenterology" (Assoc. Prof. L.M. Kim, lecturer N.O. Osipova), "English-Russian-Ukrainian Dictionary of Obstetrics and Gynecology" (Assoc. Prof. L.M. Kim, lecturer O.V. Kadelchuk, L.M. Yasevina, S.G. Poida, A.L. Yatsenko) were published.

The section of Latin language and basics of medical terminology at this time was headed by senior lecturer S.I. Tykholaz. The teachers of the section developed a course "Latin language and basics of medical (pharmaceutical) terminology" for students of medical, dental and pharmaceutical faculties in Ukrainian, Russian and English according to the cycle system of study (anatomical-histological, pharmaceutical and clinical terminology). An important place was given to the training of foreign students, work with whom requires high professionalism of teachers, a special individual approach to each student and the appropriate educational and methodological base. To increase the efficiency of work with this category of students, the teachers of the department have developed and published manuals, guidelines and control tasks. Manuals on medical and pharmaceutical terminology in English were prepared and published for practical classes.

In January 2016, the department was headed by Associate Professor LV Dudikova, who faced new tasks and challenges of reforming higher education and the growing role of English for medical students, graduate students, researchers at the university.

Under the guidance of Assoc. Pr. L.V. Dudikova in 2016 at the department began training courses for preparing university teachers for passing the international exam in English FCE (First Certificate in English) to assess language proficiency at the level of B2 (in accordance with the European Recommendations on language education). The department has received permission to organize the above-mentioned exam in the classrooms of the university. During the years of existence of the Courses, about 200 employees of our educational institution have improved their level of English language proficiency, and the number of candidates who have received an international certificate has reached several dozen people. Assoc. Prof. A.L. Kondratyuk, sen.teacher V.V. Mikaelyan, sen.teacher J. M. Ostraus were responsible for the work of the Courses in different periods..

Since 2016, the department has been training graduates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in full-time, part-time and postgraduate studies. Foreign language is also one of the disciplines included in the subject tests for admission to graduate school.

Since 2017, the duties of the head teacher have been performed by Associate Professor A.L. Kondratyuk, who supports the educational and methodological work of the department at the appropriate professional level.

Training of candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the department is carried out on the normative discipline "English in scientific and medical communication" and elective disciplines "English Academic Writing", "English for Academics" and "Second foreign language (Deutsch, Français - optional)" by such employees of the department: Assoc. Pr. L.V. Dudikova, Assoc. Pr. A.L. Kondratyuk, Assoc. Pr.  A. S. Ferri, Assoc. Pr. I. I. Makodai. Teachers of the department have developed a set of teaching materials for practical classes and extracurricular activities, the content of which corresponds to the professional component of applicants, and the English language design corresponds to  - level B2-C1 of the European recommendations for language education.

In 2019, Assoc. Pr. L.V. Dudikova defended her doctoral dissertation on  the topic "Theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation of professional and ethical competence of future doctors in medical institutions of higher education" and got a doctorate in pedagogy. She is the author of more than 120 publications.

Since a foreign language belongs to the entrance examinations of applicants - foreign citizens who enter the university with English as the language of teaching, lecturers of the department Ed. D. Dudikova L.V., Assoc. Pr. A.S. Ferri have developed a methodological framework and annually prepare materials for assessing the knowledge of applicants and conduct an entrance exam.

New requirements for higher education in the context of its reforming to the quality of work of scientific and scientific-pedagogical workers make it necessary to constantly develop and improve the acquired skills and knowledge. Internship as a way of professional training of persons in employment provides not only the deepening of previously acquired competence within the framework of the professional activities of the employee, but also the consolidation of practical experience. Teachers of the department are constantly improving, undergoing internships not only in Ukraine but also abroad, in particular the head of the department, Ed. D. Dudikova L.V. undertook internships in Germany (2008), the Czech Republic (2017), Poland (2017), Georgia (2017), Canada (2018), Great Britain (2018) ; Assoc. Pr. Kondratyuk A.L. - in Austria (2016), Poland (2021); Ph.D. Logutina N.V. - in Poland (2018, 2020); Assoc. Pr. I.O. Mazaikina - in Finland (2016), Poland (2018), Great Britain (2019); Ph.D. Manzhos E.O.- in the Slovak Republic (2016); Assoc. Prof. Tsykhotska O.A. - in Finland (2016), the Netherlands (2016).

 On the initiative of Assoc. Prof. L.V. Dudikova, since 2018 the tradition of annualy celebrating the anniversary of Shakespeare's birthday has been started at the department. The work of the outstanding playwright does not leave indifferent the students of Vinnytsia National University named after M.I. Pirogov. Under the leadership of the head of the department and Assoc. Prof. І.І. Makodai annually events dedicated to Shakespeare's work are held. The students' stories reveal the secrets of his life and are accompanied by a demonstration of numerous media files, which gives the opportunity to immerse yourself in the mysterious, unique atmosphere of Shakespeare's time. Recalling the masterpieces of the famous philosopher "Hamlet", "Romeo and Juliet", students deepen their knowledge, trying to get into the historical essence of the tragic contradictions of the time, the conflicts of the Renaissance. Students enthusiastically recite excerpts of plays, monologues in the original language, introduce listeners to the author's sonnets, which sound both in the original and in translation, both in the form of poetry and song, trying to convey the deep meaning of works through the prism of personal vision and worldview. They present their versions of the translation and interpretation of famous sonnets. The performances are accompanied by an old English melody that combines masterful stage performance and the mood of poetry. Such events allow you to get acquainted with the life of the poet and discover many talents in the participants and fall even more in love with the English language - the language of Shakespeare. For popularization of creativity of the outstanding poet the best performances are awarded by nominal diplomas.

Today the lecturers of the department teach the disciplines "Foreign language", "Foreign language for professional purposes", "English in pharmacy (optional course)", "Medical English (optional course)", "Latin", " Latin language and medical terminology " for students of the following specialties: 221" Dentistry ", 222" Medicine ", 225" Medical psychology ", 226" Pharmacy, industrial pharmacy "; "English in Scientific and Medical Communication" and elective courses "English Academic Writing", "English for Academics" and "Second Foreign Language (Deutsch, Français - optional)" - for graduate students 1-3 years of study.

Thus, the Department of Foreign Languages ​​ in its development has gone from a small staff of several teachers to a team of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff who carry out methodological work to improve the educational process, are engaged in in scientific work in the field of methodology and pedagogy and make a significant contribution to the preparation of students and applicants for a PhD degree.










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