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Gomon Mykola Longynovich

professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Born in 1962. After graduating from high school I entered the Vinnitsa Medical Institute named after M.I.Pirogov, who graduated in 1985. From 1985 to 1990, he graduated from internship and worked as a doctor in practical health care. In 1990-92, studied at the clinical internship in anesthesiology, and later in correspondence postgraduate study. In 1998 he defended his Ph.D. thesis in the field of "anesthesiology". Since 2005 Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery with the Course of Anesthesiology-Reanimatology. In the year of 2015 defended his thesis for the title doctor of medicine in the field of "anesthesiology". From 2013, according to the course of anesthesiology. In 2016 He was elected to the position of Professor of the Department of Surgery № 1 on the course of anesthesiology.
Dissertation for the specialty "Anesthesiology" for the title of Ph.D: "Changes and correction of rheological properties of blood in occlusal diseases of arteries of extremities". Dissertation for the specialty "Anesthesiology" for the title of Doctor of Medical Sciences: "Multimodal anesthesia using regional analgesia in the complex of antinociceptive protection of surgical interventions". 137 scientific works, 15 patents.

Datsiuk Oleksandr


Datsiuk Oleksandr
Position - M.D.,Ph.D, Professor
Honorary title - Honored Doctor of Ukraine.
Professor of Department of Surgery No. 1 with a course of anesthesiology and urology.
Graduated from Vinnitsa Medical Institute n.a. N.I. Pirogova in 1983. In 1984, graduated from an internship in anesthesiology. Since that year has started working as anesthesiologist at the Vinnytsia Regional Clinical Hospital. M.I. Pirogova. From 2000 - the head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive care of the same hospital. Since that year has been working as a main regional anesthesiologist.
Since 1991 began his work as an assistant in the course of anesthesiology Vinnitsa Medical Institute n.a. N.I. Pirogova.
1992 defended the masters thesis in profession line Anesthesiology and Intensive care. Was elected to the post of the assistant professor of the VNMU n.a. MI Pirogova in 2005
2015 - defended the degree of Doctor in profession line Anesthesiology and Intensive care. Since 2017 - professor.
Scientific activity: the author of more than 120 scientific publications, 7 innovations.
The main circle of scientific research and development are: the diagnosis and intensive therapy of sepsis, acute pancreatitis, multiple organ failure, cognitive dysfunction and its correction after general anesthesia.

Semenenko Andrii Igorovich

professor, doctor of medical sciences

From 2001 to 2007 studied at the National Pirogov Memorial University, Vinnytsya.
From 2007 to 2009 studied at an internship with a degree in Anesthesiology.
From 2007 to 2009 studied in the magistracy and received a Master's degree in medicine in anesthesiology and intensive care.
From 2010 to 2012 studied at correspondence postgraduate study at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacology.
February 29 th, 2012 Candidate of Medical Sciences.
September 19th, 2017 Doctor of Medical Sciences.
From 2012 to 2017 trained in clinics in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic.
For the period of work at the University, 82 printed works were published: 55 articles, 20 theses in professional journals, 4 patents for a utility model, three newsletters on innovations in the health system. A co-author of the textbook "Pharmacotherapy".

Scientific and pedagogical interests:

Stroke, nosocomial infections, craniocerebral trauma, polytrauma, infusion-transfusion therapy, cognitive impairment after anesthesia.

Dmytriiev Dmytro

Professor, Doctor of Medical Science

Anesthetist and children's anaesthesiologist, representative member of the European Association of Children's Anesthesiologists from Ukraine ESPA ACORNS member, active member of the International Association for the Treatment of Pain (IASP active member), active member of the European Association of Anesthesiologists (ESA active member). He is the author of more than 270 scientific articles (including Scopus) and three textbooks under the motto of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, editor of the journal Medicine Boy and Perioperative Medicine.

Internship: USA, Texas, Temple, Scot & White clinic (children's anesthesiology) Germany, Berlin, clinic Sharita (pain medicine) Austria, Klagenfurt, University Hospital (pain medicine) Austria, Salzburg (children's anesthesiology) Poland, Krakow, University Clinic ( pain medicine, regional anesthesia) Serbia. Belgrade, University Hospital (pediatric anesthesiology, regional anesthesia and pain medicine), Bratislava European Pain Clinic and paraplegic Paracels Centrum, Switzerland, Lucerne (anesthetics and IT, pain medicine)

Member of the Editorial Board and reviewer - EC Anesthesia (UK, London), Nursing and Palliative Care International Journal (NPCIJ) (Hungary, Budapest), Scimaze Anesthesia & Pain Management (India), Journal of Health Sciences (Moldova), Journal of US -China Medical Science (NY, USA), Journal of Child Science (Turkey).

Terekhovskyi Anatolyii

associate professor (docent), Ph.D

Kozlovskiy Uriy

docent, Ph.D

He studied at the Vinnitsa Medical Institute, at the Faculty of Medicine from 1983 to 1989. From 1997 to 1999 he studied at a clinical residency in the field of anesthesiology and IС. Since 1998 works on the course of anesthesiology.

Serhiychuk Olena

docent, PhD

Bevz Gennady Viktorovich

Associate professor, PhD

In 1987 graduated from Zaporozhye State Medical Institute. 1998-2000 – clinical anesthesia residency at National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya. 2013 – defended the thesis “Clinic and intensive care of patients with severe tetanus”. Since 2017 – associate professor of the department. Published 29 scientific works.

Tytarenko Natalia Vasilivna

Assistant of Professor, PhD

Regional Chief Specialist "Obstetric Intensive Care" of the Health Department of Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, anesthesiologist of the Vinnytsia Regional Perinatal Center.
Author of 2 textbooks, co-author of 10 textbooks, author of 38 articles and 4 patents of Ukraine

Stoliarchuk Oleksandr

as. prof. Ph.D.

Dmitrieva Ella Mikolaivna


Kutsyk Oleksandr


Mazur Galina Nikolaevna

Slobodian Petro Pavlovych


Goncharuk Oksana Sergeevna


In 2009 graduated from VNMU M.I. Pirogov. Since 2011 he has been working as a children's anesthesiologist in the department of AIT at VODKL.
Since 2016 he has been working as an assistant of the depatment of surgery №1 with the course of anesthesiology and intensive care.

Zaletskyi Bohdan Vasilievich

assistant professor

Graduated from VNMU n/a N.I. Pirogov in 2015

In 2015-2017 he was an internship specializing in pediatric anesthesiology
Since 2017 - pediatric anesthesiologist of the department AIC VRPCH, active member of ESPA.
Author of 5 scientific articles (Scopus, WoS).

In 2018 the dissertation is planned.

He is the author of 5 scientific articles (Scopus, WoS).
Internships, participation in international congresses:
Bratislava, Slovakia, European Pain Clinic (pain medicine, regional anesthesia).
Budapest, Hungary (Pain management)
Barcelona, Spain (Anesthesiology and pain manegment)
Brussels, Belgium (Pediatric Anesthesiology)
Chisinau, Moldova (CEEA, regional anesthesia and pain management)


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