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The department of psychiatry of  Vinnitsa medical institute was founded in 1935.

Then it was headed by O. K. Sudomir. He was a graduate from Kiev medical institute. Since the first years of the medical activity O. K. Sudomir devoted himself to psychiatry. He had delivered lectures and taught practical classes a skillful. His activity as a scientist covered a large circle of problems – mainly questions of general psychopathology and judicial psychiatry, to which he devoted 25 publications, touched upon both theoretical and practical problems. He wrote the textbook on judicial psychiatry. O. K. Sudomir voluntarily joined the army in 1941. Since 1946 on a direction of the Ministry of public health services Ukrainian SSR   O. K. Sudomir headed the department of psychiatry of Stanislav (Ivano-Frankivsk) medical institute.

After liberating Vinnitsa from the German occupation in 1944 professor O. A. Zaitsev was engaged in reorganization and restoration of the department and the psycho-neurology hospital. Prof. O. A. Zaitsev  was a graduate from Leningrad medical institute. Before that for 14 years prof. O. A. Zaitsev  had headed the psychiatric department of Yerevan medical institute and the Republican psychiatric hospital in Yerevan (Armenia).

Prof. O. A. Zaitsev  was a talented organizer and scientist, which possessed a priority in the description of a “symptom of a mirror” in mentally patients (1952). At that time the basic direction of his activity was the study of the schizophrenia problems (the report „The clinical study about a schizoid” at the All-Union congress of neuropathologists and psychiatrists in Moscow), a progressive paralysis in mental patients (the report at the All-Ukrainian congress of psychiatrists, and also the articles in the Parisian medical and psychological journal). The known works by prof. O. A. Zaitsev  were the monographies „To the study of a suicidal phenomenon in mental patients and psychopaths” and „The clinic of an acute and chronic poisoning with tetra-ethyl-lead”. For the work on the development of psychiatry in Vinnitsa prof. O. A. Zaitsev  was awarded to the medal „For the valiant labour” and to the Gratitude of the Ministry of the public health of the Ukrainian SSR „For the restoration of Vinnitsa psychiatric hospital”.

From 1955 to 1960 and from 1963 to 1971 the department was headed by professor A. A. Mizruhin – the man of a talent and a rich soul. He was the scientific chief not only for the teachers of department, but also for all doctors-psychiatrists of the regional centre. The central place in the scientific heritage of prof. A. A. Mizruhin belongs to the problems of the geriatric psychiatry, mental changes at the physiological and pathological old age, the atherosclerosis vessels of the brain. There were defended the candidate dissertations devoted to the atherosclerotic psychoses problems (G. A. Vievska, A. K. Rimsha, P. P. Timoschuk, A. M. Milimovka), the problems of the presenile psychoses (O. V. Chernish and E. V. Stolarchuk). At that time the department and practical doctors conducted a large work on studying the spreading of mental diseases among the inhabitants of Vinnitsa area (R. L. Marianchik, V. E. Buzanova, R. I. Veretinska, Z. G. Lifshits, I. I. Gumeniuk, I. S. Olkhova, M. M. Ikhteiman, O. P. Giritch, N. M. Stupnitska, I. O. Obukhova). Under the guidance of prof. A. A. Mizruhin the subject of the combined treatment schizophrenia was developed as well. To this problem were devoted the candidate and doctor's dissertations of O. T. Danilenko. He was the chief of the psychiatry department in Lviv medical institute. Prof. A. A. Mizruhin wrote the works „Treatment by sleeping” and „Psychohygiene of the intellectual work”, also four collections of scientific works were issued, five republican scientific conferences were held. Under his management there were defended six candidate dissertations and one doctor's dissertation.

From 1960 to 1963 the department of psychiatry was headed by the senior lecturer B. V. Sharov, which for the first time in Ukraine organized the EEG-laboratory in the psychiatric clinic and widely applied this method of research in practice. His candidate dissertation was devoted to EEG-researches at the circular psychosis, and his publications – to EEG-researches in the atherosclerosis of the brain vessels, traumatic psychoses, dementias, the progressive paralysis in insane, the convulsive syndromes.

From 1972 to 1985 the main direction of the scientific work of the department under the guidance of its chief professor G. A. Viyevska was the research of the alcoholic psychoses  course in inhabitants of countryside, contacted with pesticides. At that time the teachers of the department were the senior lecturer A. K. Rimsha, assistants V. E. Buzanova, P. P. Timoschuk, A. M. Milimovka, L. M. Guchenko, N. S. Markhovska, M. I. Tonkal. In 1979 at the department the courses of improvement of qualification of the doctors were created, which were transformed into a separate department of upgrade doctor’s skills in 1987.

From 1985 to 1994 under the guidance of a senior lecturer V. E. Buzanova, the teachers of the department were engaged into the development of the problem of applying enterosorbents in treatment of mental diseases. For that period  the doctor's dissertation by S. V. Rimsha, both candidate and doctor's dissertations by an assistant N. G. Pshuk were defended.

 In 1995, the Department has been headed by doctor of medical sciences, Professor Rymsha Sofiya Vitaliyevna. Since that time, the main direction of scientific work of the Department under the supervision of the head of Department is the study of clinic, course and treatment of mood disorders of exogenous origin. During this time, dissertations defended Serebrennikova O.A.,  Krivonos T.G., Stucan S.V., Teklyuk L.V.

In 2008, with the formation of the new Department of medical psychology and Psychiatry» base Department was renamed the "Department of Psychiatry and Narcology. currently, employees of the Department of Psychiatry and Narcology are conducting research in the field of solving urgent problems of modern psychiatry and narcology, and most academic work marked by transition to teaching on European credit-module system of education (ECTS).



Rymcha Sofija Vitaliyevna

hed of chair, professor

Finished the medical faculty of the Winnitca medical institute the name of N.I.Pirogova, in 1979 on speciality medical business with a difference, internaturu on speciality psychiatry. By the decision of advice at the 1-mcode of MMI by him . I.M. Sechenova (Moscow) and VAK SSSR is ratified from 20.10.1988 candidate of medical sciences on speciality psychiatry. From 1996 there is an associate professor of department of psychiatry and medicopsychology. Decision of VAK RF from 08.07.1994r. a doctor of medical sciences is psychiatry on speciality. Experience of pedagogical work from 11.09.1988 on the department of psychiatry and narcology of VNMU the name of N.I.Pirogova. Basic stages of pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical activity: From 11.09.1989 to 01.03.1995 is an assistant of department of psychiatry; From 01.03.1995 to 01.092009 is a manager by the department of psychiatry, to general and medical psychology; From 01.09.2009 to the present tense is zav. departments of psychiatry and narcology.

Ratsyborynska-Poliakova Nataliia

Associate Prof., PhD

Slobodianyuk Lyudmila Fedorjvna

assistant professor, PhD

Marunkevich Yaroslavа

ass. prof, PhD

In 2011, graduated from the M.I. Pyrogov Vinnitsa National Medical University. In 2013, graduated from training in an internship in "Psychiatry". After internship she worked as a psychiatrist in department №2 of the O.I. Yuschenko Vinnitsa Regional Psycho-Neurological Hospital. Since September 2013 working as an assistant of the Chair of Psychiatry and Addictology.

Teklyuk . Sergey Vasiliyevich

Associate Professor of Psychiatry

Teklyuk Sergey Vasiliyevich.
In 2001 he graduated with honors from the medical faculty of Vinnitsa Medical Institute .. N.I. Pirogov.
In 2002 he graduated with honors from Masters and earned a Master of Medicine in "Psychiatry".
In 2002, on a competitive basis was enrolled in graduate school at the present form of education. Since 2003, he worked part-time physician-therapist in Vinnitsa city clinic number 2 and psychiatrist Vinnytsia Oblast neuropsychiatric hospital. Acad. A.I Yushchenko.
In 2006 he defended his thesis on "Improved methods of diagnosis and treatment of comorbid depressive disorders among patients of general medical network" and received the scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences in "Psychiatry".
Since 2007 - assistant of the department of psychiatry, general and medical psychology.
Since 2009. elected as the head teacher of the Department of Psychiatry and Addiction.
Psychiatrist first category.
Since 2012. Associate Professor of Psychiatry VNMU im.NIPirogova
Board member of Vinnitsa regional office Society "Knowledge" of Ukraine.
Total number of publications - 36, including 25 scientific (including those in professional

Serebrennikova Oksana Anatolijevna

assistant professor, PhD

Lukianovich Igor Leonіdovich


In 1986 year made off the medical faculty of the Vinnitca medical institute the name of N.I. Pirogov. From 1986 to 1994 worked as the doctor-psychiatrist of the Vinnitca regional psikhonevrologichnoy hospital of im.akad. O.I. Yushchenko. From 1994 to 1998r. worked as the director of medical center. From 1998 - a main doctor of Center of psychiatric help and professional psikhofiziologic selection of police of Ukraine is in the Vinnitca area. From 2004 years is an assistant of department of psychiatry, general and medical psychology. From 2008r. assistant of department of psychiatry and narcology.


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