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Zaichko Natalia

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Tertyshna Olena

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Istoshin Valeriy

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Kachula Sergey

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Filchukov Denis

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Yurchenko Peter

Associate Professor, Ph.D.

Blazhchenko Vitaliy

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Strutinska Elena

Associate Professor

Ostrenyuk Roman

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Bobetska Elena


Muliarenko Inna

Laboratory Assistant


Tubulkan Ekaterina

Years of work at the department: 2013 - 2024



Reworks 2023

Reworks 2023


To the attention of 2nd year students of all faculties!

1. According to the Order of National Pirogov Memorial Medical University, Vinnytsya №157 dated 11.03.2022, order of VNMU №19 dated 21.04.2022 final control (exam) in Biological Chemistry for 2021-2022 academic year transferred to the form of differentiated credit for students of all faculties (specialties 222 Medicine, 228 Pediatrics, 226 Pharmacy, 225 Medical Psychology).

2. Differentiated credit is conducted at the last lesson of the discipline according to the schedule, in remote form (on the Microsoft Teams platform).

3. Students who do not have debts in the discipline and have achieved the minimum current success rate – 72 points are allowed to the differentiated credit.

4. The format of the differential test is the solution of 2 situational tasks and the answer to 2 theoretical questions.

5. The total grade for the discipline includes current success (on a 120-point scale), grade for differential test (from 50 to 80 points) and points for ISW (writing abstracts on Student Scientific Conference, oral report with a presentation on the Student Scientific Society).


More details about the format of the differential test and evaluation criteria - in the file "Algorithm for differentiated credit in wartime condition.pdf", which is posted on the cathedral Google Drive in the section "07 Exam questions (differential test)".

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The department of biochemistry n.a. Professor O.O.Pentiuk is located on the third floor of the north wing of morphological housing of the university.


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