Dear Students!


Dear Students!


Taking into account the circumstances in which we all were the Ophthalmology Department does not stop work and continue to work with you in online mode.

Students of the 4th year of the medical faculty at this time have to pass the theme of "glaucoma". This is an extremely important topic, as the consequences are irreversible blindness and the loss of disability.

To get the appropriate points, you need to practice according to the schedule of quarantine to bring your own clinical cases on the following topics in printed and electronic form of your teacher.


Students in each group prepare in accordance with their list of group topic number.


  1. Primary open-angle glaucoma (stage ІА)
  2. Primary open-angle glaucoma (stage IIA)
  3. Primary open angle glaucoma (stage IIIA)
  4. Terminal glaucoma
  5. Congenital glaucoma (Baby newborn)
  6. Angle-closing glaucoma Chronic
  7. Acute glaucoma attack
  8. Ophthalmohypertension
  9. Ophthalmohypertension as a result of trauma

10.  Phacogenic Glaucoma

11.  Normotension Glaucoma

12.  Juvenile glaucoma

13.  Primary open angle glaucoma (stage IІВ)

14.  Primary open angle glaucoma (stage IІІВ)


The student should create a clinical case on the given subject and reveal the following sections:

  1. Complaints with which a patient can consult a doctor
  2. History (specify possible genetic risk factors)
  3. Examination methods that need to be carried out by the patient in this case and indicate the results of these surveys. The survey should be divided into main and additional
  4. Justify the results of the changes obtained as a result of surveys and briefly explain the pathogenetic picture of changes
  5. Assign treatment, describe your actions as a family doctor for further observation of the patient



Head. of Ophthalmology Department                                  Malachkova N. V.